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"My company receives monthly shipment from the US.  Most banks offer outward remittance payment in USD, so I always shop for the best rate.  Karbon offers me the most competitive rate so far.  They even take care of my paperwork.  No more haggle.  No more hassle."

Pricing is not the only key

"We are one of India's key commodity importers.  Pricing is critical to me, but I also care about the cost structure, financial safety and process robustness.  Karbon not only reduced my cost substantially, but also offered the visibility and control I need."

Card payment isn't always the best

"Our B2C business spends 1 lakh USD per month on online advertising.  Our card has been the default payment method until we met Karbon. Karbon offered a free cost analylsis which shows us that our card payment isn't the best option.  We have saved substantially after we switch to Karbon."

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