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Quick Vendor Payment Reconciliation – Definition, Process and Approach

We all know the drill.

Try a bulk vendor payment. See it fail or get frozen in time.

Finally, end up going to the bank and wait in long never ending queues to find out about the frozen payment.

To top it all, you pay extra money as bank fees,  while being treated that way for all those transactions you struggle to make.

This is where Vendor Payment Reconciliation becomes a necessity.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Vendor Payment Reconciliation?
  • Need for Automated Vendor Payment Reconciliation
  • Benefits of Vendor Reconciliation
  • Vendor Reconciliation Process
  • Challenges in Vendor Reconciliation Process
  • Right Approach to Vendor Reconciliation- Karbon Payout

What Is Vendor Payment Reconciliation?

It is defined as the reconciliation of a vendor’s account to match the statement provided by the vendor. The vendor statements require matching vendor invoices with the company’s system for proper reconciliation.

Vendor reconciliation ensures no mismatch between what the vendor has charged for the supplies, inventory and the services received by the firm.

vendor payment reconciliation is difficult with hidden fee

It helps to detect problems between vendors and the company’s accounts. It acts as a layer of verification post the vendor payments process.

Vendor statements are received by the firm usually in PDF or Excel format. If it is offline, then vendors send their statements via post.

Need for Automated Vendor Payment Reconciliation

Startups and SMEs need to understand, that if their transaction values are not huge and also recurring, choosing a big bank for bulk vendor payments can cost them more than what they gain.

If there’s a weak vendor payment reconciliation system in place, it will make it impossible to track this cash burn.

Moreover, a vendor needs a way to crosscheck his payments to keep the trust factor while doing business with an enterprise. Vendor payment reconciliation can act as an added shield in the process.

Other issues that call for Vendor payment reconciliation through automation:-

  • Traditional banks in India are overloaded with customer onboardings and customer service.
  • There is no clear communication on the onboarding document which clarifies the hidden charges explicitly.
  • A user may only find information on all these hidden charges once they dig deep into the bank documents.
  • Startup and SME business owners do not generally have a legal team to back them up on hidden transaction fees, debit charges etc.

Benefits of Vendor Reconciliation

Cash flow in a business can change in the blink of an eye, and this is why vendor payment reconciliation becomes important to keep it steady. Additionally, if your business has adequate funds, it is best to make payments in bulk followed immediately by the reconciliation process.

Vendor Reconciliation Process

  1. The opening balance should match the balance as shown in the vendor statement.
  2. Cross check if each purchase has been authorised officially.  
  3. Match all the items on the list in the vendor’s statement with the invoice.
  4. Segregate any discrepancies/mismatches between the vendor statement and the invoice.
  5. Preferably go fully digital for the process.
vendor payment reconciliation made easy with Karbon payout

Challenges in Vendor Reconciliation Process

Most businesses face issues when it comes to vendor payment reconciliation. Manual methods don’t just involve storing records on pen and paper. It extends to manual processes to efficiently pay, process and track payments.

The added problem is most of them do not have access to an entire legal team to cut across any payment issues. Following a vendor reconciliation process will require a good legal team to back it.

It is, therefore, likely that a small business run by a single person is likely to suffer more due to a lack of staff support.

Right Approach to Vendor Reconciliation- Karbon Payout

Do you need to go through a vendor payment process each time?

Apparently Not.

It is time you considered automated vendor payment portals for your vendor payment reconciliation. They enable seamless, fast bulk transactions, that work even on bank holidays.

Here’s where Karbon Payout comes into play!

What Does Karbon Charge for Bulk Payouts?


Karbon payout is free to use with no hidden fees. Thousands of companies have already moved to Karbon Payout and they are loving it.

Karbon Payout- Top Features

  • What you see is what you get: Absolutely no hidden charges for any bulk payments.
  • AI-powered Payment mode: It may be NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS, which will be automatically selected as the best payment option
  • 1-minute quick sign up: Our onboarding and KYC process is 5 times faster than traditional banks.
  • Reliable, Fast and Innovative: Your Bank may hit the snooze button, but we don’t! Our financial operations ecosystem speaks for itself.
  • Automated Tax Calculations (coming soon): Our tax calculations are fully automatic so you don’t have to worry about any form of discrepancy in your business’s books.

Move to Karbon today and dodge all hidden bank charges!

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