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Why does a business need a multi-currency IBAN account for outward remittances? 

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) account is like a passport for your bank account that helps it travel smoothly across borders. It's a special code made up of alphanumeric characters  that uniquely identifies your bank account, making it easier and safer to send and receive money internationally. IBAN accounts make it simple for banks to understand where your money needs to go, whether it's to a friend in another country or for business transactions abroad.

But what is the multi currency IBAN account? 

How can businesses conduct outward remittances from India with a multi currency IBAN account? 

Read on to find out. 

What is Multi-Currency IBAN? 

A Multi-Currency IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a distinctive code assigned to a bank account. It enables the account to handle transactions involving multiple currencies, unlike regular IBANs, which are linked to a single currency. This feature eliminates the necessity for separate accounts for different currencies. Such versatility proves advantageous for businesses involved in international trade or operating across various countries, streamlining cross-border payments and minimizing currency conversion expenses.

What’s in it for businesses making outward remittances? 

The benefits of having a Multi-Currency IBAN account for businesses are:

  1. Efficiency in International Transactions: Businesses can send and receive payments in different currencies without needing many accounts. This makes international transactions easier.

  1. Cost Savings: Businesses can save money by avoiding fees for multiple accounts. Multi-currency IBAN accounts often have good exchange rates, saving money on currency conversions.

  1. Flexibility: Having a Multi-Currency IBAN account lets businesses work in many markets and currencies. They can quickly adjust to changes in the market or what customers want.

  1. Simplified Cash Management: Putting money from different currencies into one account makes it easier to manage. Businesses can watch their money and control it better, which saves time and money.

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Businesses can offer customers more payment options in different currencies. This makes transactions smoother for everyone because they don't need to convert currencies.

  1. Risk Mitigation: Multi-currency IBAN accounts help businesses handle currency risk. By keeping money in different currencies, they can protect themselves from changes in exchange rates or the forex market going up and down.

Supported currencies under multi-currency IBAN account

Supported Currencies
Currency Code Currency Name
USD United States Dollar
EUR Euro
GBP British Pound Sterling
JPY Japanese Yen
AUD Australian Dollar
CAD Canadian Dollar
CHF Swiss Franc
CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi
HKD Hong Kong Dollar

Usage of multi-currency IBAN account in business outward remittances

Currency Flexibility: Imagine a scenario where a US-based business needs to settle payments with suppliers located in different parts of the world such as Europe, Japan, and Australia. Through a multi-currency IBAN account, the company can transfer funds in USD, EUR, JPY, and AUD, accommodating the currency preferences of each supplier.

Cost Savings: Consider a Canadian company that frequently conducts transactions with suppliers in the UK, Switzerland, and China. By maintaining funds in CAD, GBP, CHF, and CNY within a single multi-currency IBAN account, the company can bypass expensive currency conversion charges typically incurred during outward remittances, resulting in significant cost savings.

Efficiency: Picture a multinational enterprise operating across various countries. By centralizing funds from different currencies into a unified multi-currency IBAN account, the organization optimizes its outward remittance procedures, streamlining cash management processes, and minimizing administrative burdens.

Speed of Transactions: Suppose an Australian business urgently needs to make payments to vendors situated in the US, Singapore, and Norway. Leveraging a multi-currency IBAN account grants the company swift access to multiple currencies, enabling prompt outward remittances and ensuring timely payments to international recipients.

Risk Management: Let's envision an Indian corporation seeking to mitigate currency risks while conducting transactions with suppliers in the UK, Japan, and Mexico. Through a multi-currency IBAN account holding funds in GBP, JPY, and MXN, the company can shield itself against adverse exchange rate fluctuations, strategically choosing currencies with favorable rates during transactions to minimize potential losses.

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FAQ’s on multi-currency IBAN account

Can an account have multiple IBANs?

No, it's not possible for an account to have multiple IBANs. An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a unique identifier for a particular bank account. Even if an account supports multiple currencies, it will still have only one IBAN linked to it. However, some financial institutions provide multi-currency accounts that operate with a single IBAN, enabling users to conduct transactions in various currencies without requiring separate account numbers.

What is a multi-currency account?

A multi-currency account is a versatile banking solution that enables individuals or businesses to manage funds in various currencies within a single account. These accounts typically offer the flexibility to hold balances in different currencies, allowing users to send, receive, and convert funds without the need for separate accounts. They may also provide features such as competitive exchange rates, international wire transfers, and currency hedging options. Multi-currency accounts are particularly useful for businesses engaged in international trade, frequent travelers, and individuals with financial interests in multiple countries.

What is a multi-currency account for Indians?

A specialized banking account known as a multi-currency account is available for individuals or businesses in India. This account permits them to hold and conduct transactions in multiple foreign currencies alongside the Indian Rupee (INR). With these accounts, users can manage funds across various currencies, making international transactions, foreign investments, and currency exchanges more accessible. Multi-currency accounts for Indians are particularly advantageous for those engaged in cross-border trade, travel, or investments, offering a convenient solution to handle funds in different currencies without requiring separate accounts.

What is the IBAN number for a foreign currency account?

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for a foreign currency account adheres to the standard format used for all bank accounts. However, it may incorporate extra details to denote the currency type and the country code associated with the account. The IBAN structure varies depending on the country and financial institution. Therefore, it's advisable to consult your bank to obtain the accurate IBAN for your foreign currency account.

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