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What Is Vendor Payment Entry and Why Is It So Important

Documenting journal entries during the process of transactions on vendor payment portals works at a different pace altogether.

Even if your accountants are perfect at their job, human errors are unavoidable and that can ultimately cost the company big.

To prevent this, getting automated vendor payment solutions is the best available option.

In this blog, we break down the concept of vendor payment entry and the best way to go about doing it.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Vendor Payment Entry?
  • Recording a Vendor Payment Entry
  • Importance of Vendor Payment Entry
  • Journal Entries for Accounts Payable
  • Gain Complete Control Over Your Business Finances
  • Bid Goodbye to Manual Processes
  • Karbon Payout -For All B2B Payment Needs
  • Payout’s Integrated Solutions
  • Smarter Than Your Accountant
  • Attach Invoices for Vendor Payment Entry

What Is Vendor Payment Entry?

A record of the vendor payments for multiple invoices comprises Vendor payment entry.

Before the creation and usage of vendor payment entry, it is important to create a list of the customer, supplier and bank accounts.

Vendor payment entry can be for different types of transactions. Examples are  Purchase Order, Sales Invoice, Expense Claim, Purchase Invoice, Sales Order, and Internal Transfer.

avoid manual vendor payment entry

Recording a Vendor Payment Entry

As a business owner, irrespective of the size of your business, you might find yourself forced to make multiple vendor accounts payable.

It is when this number rises that the complexity increases for maintaining records of the same.

There are countless examples of organizations crashing and shutting down due to the huge rate of cash burn.

This is because their traditional banking platforms do not provide them with advanced analytics to track the spending patterns of the entire organization.

Huge MNCs might be able to plough through huge amounts of funds and still be relatively unaffected by it. But for a Startup/SME business owner, you need to have a hawk’s eye on the spending patterns of your company.

This is when keeping a record of the vendor payment entry becomes inevitable.

Importance of Vendor Payment Entry

Journal entry is a crucial part of accounting as it shows the firm’s current liability. It will have all the information about the amount receivable or payable from the vendor including

  • Amount due
  • Account credited to
  • Account debited from
  • Currencies of these accounts
  • Account balance after each transaction

Journal Entries for Accounts Payable

An accounts payable is a ledger record that displays the money that the company owes to its creditors. It is generally a short-term debt for all goods and services that were credited by the vendors before payments were made.

An accounts payable process is an important part of vendor payment entry since it ensures only the most authentic invoice payments are fulfilled.

Gain Complete Control Over Your Business Finances

Control is an inherent need in financial operations. Control means monitoring, allocation, and usage of the business’s financial resources. This can be achieved only through an intelligent system that enables smart decision-making.

Bid Goodbye to Manual Processes

Making payments in paper or checks is a very time-consuming, slow process, which also poses a threat to sensitive information.  

Consequently, in the last 5 years, there has been an exponential rise in demand for secure online payments, which is what you should be looking out for too.

As there has been unprecedented growth in payments technology worldwide,  vendor payment portals have cropped up to aid in vendor payment entry.

Many are legitimate and secure.

Others, not so much.

This is where Karbon Payout comes into play.

Karbon Payout -For All B2B Payment Needs

automated vendor payment entry with payout

Sometimes you may have to wait for your vendor to furnish their account details to add them to the accounting software. Once you get the details from your vendors, there is a further waiting period to add beneficiaries’ details to your payment system. This entire process is highly unoptimized and time-consuming.

Therefore to solve this very problem, we have revolutionized the process by introducing Payout Links. You or your accounts payable team will never have to add another vendor manually again.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Generate Payout Links and send them to your vendors
  2. The vendor receives the link & inputs the necessary details
  3. Voila! The vendor is added to your accounts payable list.

It is that simple! But this is not all. Karbon payout serves a much larger purpose and acts as a complete vendor management solution.

Payout’s Integrated Solutions

Payroll, vendor payments, and partner payments are integrated and can be viewed on one dashboard to access and track all the funds flowing out of the company. Track your spending from only one place and generate meaningful insights into your spending trends.

Smarter Than Your Accountant

Depending on the payment amount and the time of day, our intelligent Payout system automatically shortlists a payment method out of all available options.

Attach Invoices for Vendor Payment Entry

Automatically generates PDFs and sends them to the vendors, post vendor payment process.

Its main features are:-

  • Bank Holiday? Not for us!: We work on all days of the week, year-round to ensure you don’t have to break your head over the vendor payment process.
  • Quick 1-Minute Sign Up: We understand the value of your time!
  • Banks May Be Slow, but Karbon Is Never So: A sound financial operations ecosystem speaks for the company itself. So payout works 24×7 round the clock to ensure YOU don’t end up with performance issues
  • Free Yourself From Tax Calculation: All tax calculations are automatic.
  • Cost Efficiency: Due to the absence of physical checks, the implementation of bulk payments through Payout is highly cost-effective.
  • Quick Disbursement of Payment: Bulk disbursement does not mean slow payments. Payout’s intelligent payment system selects the best payment channel for all your transactions based on your preference.
  • Error-Free Transactions:Payout is your saviour when it comes to bulk payments and vendor payouts.
  • Complete Control: Allows complete control over your organization’s spending and lets you blacklist merchants with a history of failed transactions.

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