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Take control of your company finances with our corporate card

Streamline expenses, improve cash flow, and reduce administrative burden
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  • Best for cost-saving
  • Up to 1% cashback
  • 0 maintenance fee
  • Instant top-up
  • Payment accepted worldwide
  • Free access to all Karbon product features and rewards
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  • Suitable for most daily expenses
  • Up to 8Cr business credit limit
  • 30 + 15 credit cycle
  • No maintenance fee
  • No fix deposit required
  • Free access to all Karbon product features and rewards
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credit card for business
Why our Corporate Card #3

Improved cash flow management

Karbon's interest-free credit period allows you to better manage cash flow.
Real-time cash flow management tools to help anticipate and plan expenses
Invoicing and payment processing tools streamline payment cycles for consistent cash flow
Automation tools reduce errors in payment processing for efficient cash flow management.
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 corporate credit card eligibility
Why our Corporate Card #4

Safety is paramount

Our Corporate Card increases the level of data security, financial security and level of compliance
Spending control reduces risk of employee misuses
Traceable record prevents misreporting of reimbursement
Maker-checker reduces the un-authorized expense
Build-in fraud protection limits liability for unauthorized charges
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