One-stop business card solution for all your needs

High credit limit, attractive cashback and flexible credit cycle. Plus unlimited cards for full control over finances and growth. Free to sign up and use immediately.

Banner card
  • Standard card
    Standard card
    • Up to 10 cr credit limits

    • 30 day credit period

    • No fixed deposit required

  • Cashback card
    Cashback card
    • Up to 1% cashback

    • Payout enabled

    • Instant spend after top-up

    • More versatile than pre-paid card

    • Zero threshold to apply

  • Booster card
    Booster card
    • 10x credit limit of standard card

    • 1 day credit period

    • 0.2% cashback

    • No top-up required

    • No fixed deposit required

Scale faster

Customer account management
Customer account management

Single KYC, multi-card Customizable card labels Flexible credit allocation

Expense management
Expense management

Real-time spend tracking and notification Merchant blacklist WhatsApp receipt upload/auto-match

Users & control management
Users & control management

Add/remove employees as they join/exit Unlimited users, unlimited cards Role based access and control

  • Lightning fast approval
    Lightning fast approval

    1 min application process with immediate approval

  • Up to 1% cashback
    Up to 1% cashback

    Uncapped cashback applied for all your expenses both online and offline

  • No hidden fees
    No hidden fees

    Free to sign up and use with no fees

  • Compliance & security
    Compliance & security

    Partner with Visa & Mastercard to provide secure and efficient transactions

  • Spend everywhere
    Spend everywhere

    Used for digital marketing, SaaS tools, e-commerce, travel, restaurants and more

  • Easy to use
    Easy to use

    User friendly controls and dashboards built for everyone

Hassle-free administration of cards

Filter transactions by date/type/merchant Flexible transaction and credit limit for each card Lock/unlock and cancel cards Additional recipient of OTP

Card Administration